Wages of War coming to Kickstarter April 11, 2017

Wages of War: The Uncooperative Siege Game

A strategy board game of medieval siege warfare for 2-4 players!
This is the first board game from Mora Games. Set to launch on Kickstarter on April 11th, 2017.

Wages of War components

In Wages of War, players take on the role of generals in an army laying siege to an enemy castle. Manage resources to produce weapons, and hire soldiers to wield them in battle as you send wave after wave to attack the enemy castle! The player who inflicts the most damage on the castle by the time it is destroyed, wins that glory!

Wages of War game setup

“Inverse worker placement”
The core game mechanic in Wages of War

Gamers who love worker placement games and games like Puerto Rico will love the “inverse-worker-placement” mechanic featured in Wages of War. Send your workers to set up buildings in the 5 encampments surrounding the castle then issue orders for them to gather resources, produce weapons, hire soldiers, and attack!

Whereas most worker placement games have you placing workers on the various things you can interact with, in Wages of War, you station them at their post (converting workers into buildings) and then issue orders to them each round.

The 6 Orders available


An order being played on an encampment

Muster your army and equip them with swords, bows and axes! Lay waste to the castle siege towers, trebuchets, and cannons!An army on a player's mat

These are the weapons that you can produce : Swords, Axes, Bows, Cannons, Trebuchets, and Siege Towers

Attacking the castle rewards you points based on the strength of the enemy forces you defeat, but you will suffer losses, so you must continually bolster your forces!

Castle tiles representing enemy forces and victory points

Wages of War is an exciting game that keeps everyone involved and engaged at every moment! Every player’s turn offers something for you to do. Enjoy the thrill of launching a successful attack upon the castle using the mighty army you’ve diligently prepared!

Number of players: 2-4

Recommended age: 12+

Time to play: 60-120 minutes

Stay tuned for a “how to play” video!

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Wages of War launches on Kickstarter this April 11th at 10:00am CST. Don’t miss it!